DI-LUBE [Cutting & Tapping Lubricant]

Friction can be your worst enemy when it comes to machining hard alloys. Without lubrication, cutting edges lose their sharpness and generate unnecessary heat that can damage both the equipment and raw materials. DI-LUBE is a thick, clinging aerosol cutting and tapping lubricant used to prevent friction when cutting and drilling most metal alloys. This ready-to-use coolant and lube oil is designed to withstand the rigorous operating conditions and extreme pressures associated with cutting and drilling bits, allowing the bits better performance. Keep machining cool and lubricated with DI-LUBE from Share.


  • Reduces operating temperatures and endures high pressure.
  • Clings to blades and bits without any fly-off.
  • Attracts debris and shavings to prevent damage to surfaces.
  • Formulated for all cutting, tapping, sawing and a variety of other machining jobs.
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