RED GEM - Hi Temp Red Grease

Share Corporation’s RED GEM HI-TEMP RED GREASE is a super impact, non-melt, extreme pressure grease. It contains extreme pressure additives for high shock and impact resistance and high loads. It’s thick bentone based formula is fortified with excellent inhibitors and tackifiers for all weather performance, washout resistance, and rust and corrosion prevention. RED GEM HI-TEMP RED GREASE can be used for hundreds of automotive, marine, and agricultural applications.


  • Excellent super impact, non-melt, extreme pressure grease..
  • Wide temperature range: 0°-550°F..
  • Hi Timken Ok load: 60-70 pounds.
  • Benton thickener will not break down in high temperatures.
  • Exceptional tackifiers for superior adhesion and cohesion properties.
  • NLGI #2 grade grease.
  • Resists water washout and has rust and  corrosion resistant additives.
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