Aerosol PTFE Resin Grease

You're twisted underneath a piece of equipment trying to lubricate mechanical components. Before you come out of your crawl space and start cursing the engineers who designed the machinery, try LUBRI-GEL from Share. One squirt is all it takes to grease those hard-to-reach parts that are more than arm's length away. LUBRI-GEL sprays out as a liquid, but quickly sets up as a lubricating gel the moment it's released from the can. As a gel, it sticks to all parts without dripping and running, even when applied to components suspended overhead. The PTFE resin added to LUBRI-GEL is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high temperatures and pressures.


  • Sprays as a liquid, but sets up as a gel that contains an additive which withstands heat up to 500 F.
  • Thick clinging gel adheres to vertical surfaces, eliminating waste from run-off.
  • PTFE resin continues to lubricate in high pressure conditions.
  • Lubricates hard to reach parts by spraying up to an arm's length away.
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