AQUA LUBE [Water Resistant Grease]

Equipment exposed to rain or weathering can’t afford to lose grease due to washout. For a water resistant grease with superior adhesion, use Share’s AQUA LUBE. It’s the perfect lubricant in marine or winter environments. In addition to its excellent weathering capabilities, AQUA LUBE is very resilient. It can endure heavy Timken loads as well as high temperatures, outperforming other greases including lithium complex, aluminum complex and polyurea greases. Developed primarily for automotive and industrial machinery, AQUA LUBE has diverse applications. Lubricate chassis points, wheel bearings, fifth wheels, king pins, oven conveyors, electric motor bearings, steel mill roller bearings, crusher bearings and various other machines that require a durable, water-resistant grease. Containing no heavy metals or other harmful additives, AQUA LUBE is also extremely safe to the environment.


  • Excellent pumping properties make it a great choice for centralized lubrication systems.
  • Can endure high shock loads and impact pressures up to a 65 Timken load.
  • Dropping point is greater than 550°F.
  • Ideal for lubricating paper machine wet ends, oil rigs, mining equipment, elevators, etc.
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