Penetrating Oil Aerosol

Penetrant & Rust Preventative with PTFE Resin

Spray a bit of Share's PENETRATING OIL AEROSOL on your equipment and it acts like a heat seeking missile in a war against corrosion. Made with a superior blend of pure penetrants and PTFE resin, it's formulated with a special affinity for metal. Even when bolts, nuts, pipes, fittings and other components appear to be rusted solid, PENETRATING OIL AEROSOL will force its way into the tiniest cracks, crevices and threads until it reaches bare metal. It easily dissolves oxidation to loosen locked parts and set them back into motion. Meanwhile, it simultaneously lubricates equipment to promote efficient operation. PENETRATING OIL AEROSOL also coats parts with a resilient PTFE resin that firmly seals out moisture to eliminate conditions that foster corrosion. For a long-lasting lubricant that penetrates stubborn rust build-up, launch PENETRATING OIL AEROSOL onto your equipment.


  • Displaces and seals out moisture.
  • Formulated with a blend of light oils, penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, moisture displacing agents and repelling agents.
  • Residual PTFE resin helps protect metal from further corrosion.
  • Non-flammable solvent carrier adds an extra measure of safety.
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