Moly Lube

Dry Molybdenum Disulfide Aerosol Lubricant

MOLY LUBE provides instant lubrication under extreme conditions. It quickly dries to a hard, black coating of molybdenum disulfide and adheres to most substrates, especially metal, with minimal surface preparation. MOLY LUBE resists wear and abrasion under extreme pressures and temperatures. Unlike many other lubricants, the MOLY LUBE lubricating film dries completely and will not attract dirt or dust. Ideal for chain lubrication, maintenance on furnaces, kiln, ovens, conveyors, gaskets, anti-seize and mold release applications.


  • Withstands operating temperatures up to +800
  • High performance moly ingredient combined with synthetic binder makes for a superior lubricant that performs under extreme pressures.
  • Melting temperature is twice the melting point of steel.
  • VOC Compliant.
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