Graphite Lubricant

Dry-Film Lubricant Spray

GRAPHITE LUBRICANT penetrates deeply to eliminate friction and squeaks, leaving a hard, dry, protective film of graphite to prevent rust. This all-purpose, high temperature lubricant dries quickly and sets-up as a dry-film on surfaces within a few seconds. This film hardens to a tough, long- lasting tack-free film that encases equipment protecting it from high and low temperatures, water, harsh chemicals, and corrosion. GRAPHITE LUBRICANT is great for equipment exposed to the elements and the environment, providing protection from rust and corrosion. The next time you need a dry-film graphite lubricant reach for GRAPHITE LUBRICANT from Share.


  • Displaces and seals out moisture.
  • Dry-film will not collect dirt and dust.
  • Lubricates and protects against corrosion.
  • Hardens to a tough, long- lasting, tack free film.
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