FOUR WAY ACTION [Penetrant & Moisture Displacer]

Now you can get one product that can free corroded parts as well as lubricate them in one easy application, FOUR WAY ACTION from Share. This heavy duty lubricating liquid is formulated with a series of powerful penetrants. These special ingredients give FOUR WAY ACTION the strength to cut through thick layers of rust and loosen frozen parts. Once it penetrates corrosion and reaches the surface of parts, it deposits a lubricant that promotes smooth, efficient movement. FOUR WAY ACTION also creates a seal around components to displace moisture and prohibit it from building up on parts susceptible to rust. This versatile lubricant can also be used on delicate mechanical and electrical apparatus. Protect and preserve your tools and equipment with a lubricant that gets to the center of the problem, use FOUR WAY ACTION from Share.


  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Saves production, maintenance and repair time.
  • Protects and preserves valuable tools and equipment.
  • Displaces and seals out moisture on mechanical and electrical equipment.
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