Chain & Cable Lube

Foaming Lubricant with Moly

CHAIN & CABLE LUBE is a foaming, high-speed chain and cable lubricant fortified with moly additives to provide maximum protection to wire ropes, cables, and chains. Specially formulated, CHAIN & CABLE LUBE penetrates into the strands of wire ropes and cables, and into the rollers, pins, and bushings of chains. After penetrating into tight spaces, CHAIN & CABLE LUBE adheres to the applied surface, forming a lubricating film that will not breakdown at extreme pressures or high speeds. In addition, this lubricating film protects against friction, wear, rust, and corrosion, giving longer life to the associated parts and equipment. Continual use of CHAIN & CABLE LUBE helps reduce component vibration, chain whip, and noise.


  • Stands up to extreme pressure and high speeds without breaking down or slinging off.
  • Gives longer life to associated parts and equipment.
  • Will not attract dust and dirt.
  • A VOC compliant lubricant.
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