Super Impact Grease

Heavy Duty Shock Resistant Grease

SUPER IMPACT GREASE is ideal for use as a general purpose grease for both on board and on shore equipment lubrication where heat, moisture, pounding action and shock loads render ordinary lubricants useless. SUPER IMPACT GREASE clings to metallic surfaces creating a lasting, durable film that reduces the need to re-lubricate. It is so resilient that it can handle impact pressures up to a 65 Timken load. Besides fighting friction, SUPER IMPACT GREASE also acts as a tough shield, protecting parts from dirt, dust and corrosion. SUPER IMPACT GREASE is specifically formulated to withstand extreme pressures associated with heavy impact, yet maintains good shear stability and long life. The calcium sulfonate thickener gives SUPER IMPACT GREASE the ability to withstand high temperatures without melting or running like other conventional greases.


  • Provides extended lube cycles which saves on labor costs.
  • Can endure high shock loads and impact pressures.
  • Seals out dirt, dust and contaminants without slinging off or squeezing out.
  • Waterproof, heat stable and unaffected by salt water or acid. 
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