Silica Soil Binder

Soil Binding Agent

With SILICA SOIL BINDER from Share, vehicles no longer kick up dust and dirt as they travel down unpaved roads. When properly applied, it binds road sand and soil together so that it remains on the ground. SILICA SOIL BINDER causes road dust to compress together forming a hard surface that makes travel easier for any vehicle and increases the load bearing capacity of unpaved roads. If you don’t want to see dust trailing vehicles as they travel down your roads or paths, get the one product that can keep dirt where it belongs - on the ground. Use SILICA SOIL BINDER from Share.


  • Binds soil particles to promote soil compaction and control dust.
  • Convenient liquid is easy to transport, apply and cleanup.
  • Stabilizes dust to increase road life and reduce repairs.
  • A Designated Green Product means it's safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
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