DYNASTY ENZO-SNAKE [Bacteria/Enzyme Grease Trap Maintainer]

Grease is slippery, but not slippery enough to make it through grease traps without causing build-ups. Now strike back with a proven living tool. DYNASTY ENZO-SNAKE, from Share, is an environmentally safe bacterial digestant designed to quickly consume and remove grease from grease traps. Just as effective as a plumber's mechanical snake, DYNASTY ENZO-SNAKE channels through plumbing to quickly locate grease problems. But because it comes in liquid form, it thoroughly covers more piping surface area than mechanical snakes can. Thus, an environmentally harmless mixture of stabilized enzymes and bacteria cultures are deposited over the majority of your plumbing to quickly loosen and liquefy grease clogs. 


  • Apply on regular basis to keep traps clear and eliminate the need for pump-outs.
  • Digests grease, fats and organic waste.
  • Faster than any competing clog removal products.
  • Contains no harsh solvents or corrosive, dangerous chemicals.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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