DYNASTY CLEAR OUT [Bacterial Drain Maintainer]

Eliminate drain flies and other pesky insects by eliminating their food source, with DYNASTY CLEAR OUT drain maintainer from Share. DYNASTY CLEAR OUT utilizes the digestive abilities of naturally occurring bacteria to break-up organic materials, such as food wastes and fats, where insects go to feed and lay their eggs. Without their food source, drain flies and other insects have nowhere to go to feed and breed. DYNASTY CLEAR OUT begins to establish thousands of bacteria colonies on pipe walls as it is applied on a regular schedule. These groups of bacteria immediately attack and digest grease, grime, cellulose, starches, proteins, carbohydrates and animal and vegetable fats as soon as waste enters drains. The bacteria in DYNASTY CLEAR OUT naturally break down organic waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This natural process of decomposition not only clears out blockages, but also eliminates odors. Get rid of your insect problems by removing the wastes that attack them, with DYNASTY CLEAR OUT from Share.


  • Eliminates drain flies and other insect problems by removing the organic waste where insects go to feed and breed.
  • Thick-bodied formula contains facultative bacteria cultures to digest organic matter such as fats, oils and other food waste residue on drain pipes.
  • A Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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