Concentrated Swimming Pool Algaecide

Concentrated ALGAECIDE kills algae and slime to keep pools, spas and hot tubs clean and clear. It is harmless to pool and patio surfaces, and is compatible with other common pool chemicals. Proper use of ALGAECIDE reduces chlorine consumption and makes the maintenance of pools and spas easier and faster. Treatment of pools at the end of the season will help to control algae bloom during winter and spring, so pools remain clear for the following season. This product may also be used for disinfecting and sanitizing pool-side surfaces.


  • Keeps pools, spas and hot tubs clear and free of algae.
  • Quaternary ammonium chloride active ingredients for wide-spectrum efficacy against common pool algae.
  • Concentrated formula for maximum economy - also reduces chlorine use and maintenance labor.
  • EPA Registration Number: 10088-23-11547
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Pool and Spa
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