FOAM MASTER [Concentrated Defoamer]

When it seems like you're fighting a losing battle to eliminate excessive foam build-up, let FOAM MASTER from Share do the work for you. It's a special concentrated defoamer designed to knockdown foam build-up. FOAM MASTER suppresses foam generated by a variety of sources including organic matter in sewage treatment plants or excessive foam from soaps and detergents. Drip or spray it directly into waste streams. If using cleaning equipment such as carpet washers or automatic scrubbers, add FOAM MASTER to your detergent in the soap reservoir. While it controls foaming, it will not affect the cleaning power of soaps. 


  • Will not affect the cleaning power of soaps.
  • Will not harm bacterial count.
  • High concentration requires modest amounts to eliminate foam completely.
  • NSF L1 registered as a general sewer and drain cleaner.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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