Dynasty Liquid BC Morning Breeze

Bacterial Digestant

When septic tanks, drain fields, lift stations, sewage lagoons and wet wells start to back up and cause nasty odors, clear them up quickly and safely with DYNASTY LIQUID B.C.-MORNING BREEZE. When applied to municipal, industrial, or institutional waste processing operations or sewerage systems, DYNASTY LIQUID B.C.-MORNING BREEZE will remove odors, reduce BOD and COD, reduce sludge depth and keep drain lines flowing freely. The facultative bacterial spores in DYNASTY LIQUID B.C.-MORNING BREEZE are cultured for their ability to digest waste quickly, efficiently and without odors. Not only is DYNASTY LIQUID B.C.-MORNING BREEZE great for treating wastewater problems, but it is also equally effective for unclogging bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, grease traps, laboratory drains, garbage disposals and all common drain lines. The pleasing, fresh fragrance eliminates any odors that may be released while clogged debris is being digested and dislodged. For safe and effective wastewater management that is free from malodors, try DYNASTY LIQUID B.C.-MORNING BREEZE from Share.


  • Formulated with a liquid suspension containing facultative bacteria cultures.
  • Helps reduce BOD, COD and sludge depth to keep drains flowing freely.
  • A Designated Green Product means it is completely safe for the environment.
  • Eliminates odors with a pleasing, fresh fragrance.
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Designated Green
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