NUTTY GRIT [Soy-based Hand Cleaner]

NUTTY GRIT is a heavy-duty, soy-based hand cleaner developed as an environmentally safer alternative to other grit filled hand cleaners. NUTTY GRIT utilizes finely ground walnut shells to work into your skin's pores and remove ground-in dirt from below the surface to leave hands clean and soft. Since walnut shells are biodegradable and a renewable resource, NUTTY GRIT is an environmentally friendly hand cleaner that won't clog drains or pipes, or collect at the bottom of septic systems or waste water lagoons like pumice-based or plastic-based grit cleaners. Formulated with an emollient to keep skin soft and comfortable. Designed to work with or without water, NUTTY GRIT can handle tough dirt, grease and oil where there is no sink, making it ideal to use around work shops, maintenance areas and outdoor work sites. Don't go nuts trying to clean greasy, hard working hands, just use NUTTY GRIT from Share.


  • Contains finely ground walnut shells to lift away ground-in dirt and grease from even the hardest working hands.
  • Biodegradable walnut shells won't collect in septic systems like pumice-based cleaners.
  • Equally effective with or without the use of water.
  • A VOC compliant and Designated Green Product.
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Designated Green
Skin Care
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