Car Shampoo

Mild High-Sudsing Detergent

If you want to spare your hands from harsh cleaners but need something strong enough to take off the dirt on your vehicle, use Share's CAR SHAMPOO. This mild, neutral cleaner's high-sudsing ability makes a swift job out of removing oil, grease and insects from your vehicle. A thick lather penetrates and removes dirt without harming your car's finish. CAR SHAMPOO quickly and completely rinses away, leaving exterior surfaces clean, bright and streak free. Formulated especially for hand washing, CAR SHAMPOO is mild to hands, yet powerful enough to clean even the filthiest surfaces. Share's CAR SHAMPOO out performs other car shampoos hands down.


  • For use in washing- or hand-washing operations.
  • Safe effective cleansers remove dirt and filth but won't harm the vehicle's wax finish.
  • Specially selected ingredients make this a biodegradable formulation.
  • Formulated to prevent streaking and spotting upon rinsing.
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