Salt Neutralizer

Salt Residue Remover

Ordinary detergents and water have little effect on the white, chalky residue left behind by ice melting chemicals. This residue, if not removed immediately, provides the ideal environment for the development of extensive rust and corrosion deposits. To make matters worse, continued cleaning with ordinary detergent based cleaners produces an additional film that is even more difficult to remove. SALT NEUTRALIZER is an industrial strength rinsing compound developed specifically to cut through this dulling film without strenuous hand scrubbing. This remarkable product chemically dissolves salt residue without harming sensitive painted surfaces. Don’t let ice melt residue shorten the life of your valuable equipment, rinse troublesome salt residue away with SALT NEUTRALIZER.



  • Dissolves salt residue in 3 to 5 minutes without harming sensitive painted surfaces.
  • Formulated with an aqueous solution of organic acids, corrosion inhibitors, fast-acting surface active agents, dispersants and penetrants.
  • Recommended for county and municipal garages, school bus companies, taxi companies, rental car agencies, auto dealerships, trucking firms, truck washes, etc.
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