Diesel Klean

Multi-Functional Diesel Fuel Additive

Add one pint of Share's DIESEL KLEAN to every 25 gallons of diesel fuel and you'll swear you're driving a vehicle with a whole new engine in it. DIESEL KLEAN's special chemical formula is designed to enhance the quality of your diesel fuel so that your engine performs with greater efficiency. When added to your tank, DIESEL KLEAN will significantly reduce exhaust emissions. DIESEL KLEAN also extends the life of your fuel injector, improves fuel economy and prevents fuel cracking. Other beneficial ingredients specialize in preventing sludge build-up as well as reducing varnish, gum and carbon deposits on valves and rings. To keep your engine running at peak performance, use DIESEL KLEAN from Share.


  • Increases the cetane number for easier starts and less engine noise.
  • Improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust smoke and emissions.
  • Provides fuel detergency, reducing deposit build up which increases engine power and extends engine life.
  • A cetane improving liquid additive for both low and high sulfur diesel fuels.
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