Car Wash & Wax Concentrate

One-Step Cleaner & Protector

You've got to hand it to Share when it comes to making car care easier, CAR WASH & WAX CONCENTRATE is the simplest way to get your car looking its best. This specially formulated shampoo both washes and waxes your vehicle in one easy step to save you time, labor and money. This amazing two-in-one solution deposits a durable wax coating to fill the pores of your car's finish and provides a shiny gloss without buffing. Since CAR WASH & WAX CONCENTRATE also resists water, rain quickly beads up and runs off your car's finish. Like its companion product, Car Shampoo, CAR WASH & WAX CONCENTRATE is safe and gentle on your hands because it contains no abrasives, acids or alkalis. Get Share's CAR WASH & WAX CONCENTRATE and your staff will take a step in the right direction - eliminating another step in washing cars.


  • For use in machine- or hand-washing operations.
  • Safe effective cleansers remove dirt and filth but won't harm the vehicle's wax finish.
  • Specially selected ingredients make this a biodegradable formulation.
  • Formulated to prevent streaking and spotting upon rinsing.
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