Battery Cleaner

Battery Cleaner & Protector

Are you shocked when your engine won't turn over? Shock is exactly the problem. Most poor engine starts are due to corroded or dirty battery posts impeding proper electrical contact with battery cables. That's when you need BATTERY CLEANER's one-two solution. As a cleaner, it neutralizes excess battery acid and residue and removes unwanted grime from all electrical contacts. After cleaning, apply a light, second coat to battery posts and cables to protect them from further corrosion. BATTERY CLEANER comes packaged as an aerosol, so any hard-to-reach electrical contacts can easily be cleaned with a pin-point accuracy. It also includes a color indicator that shows red in the presence of acid, then yellow after it neutralizes excess battery acid and battery acid residue. Don't let your batteries be corrupted. Let your car get a charge out of BATTERY CLEANER from Share.


  • Electrical contact cleaner and protector in one.
  • Minimizes current leakages and improves battery performance.
  • Removes dirt, salt, corrosive build-up, and neutralizes battery acid residue.
  • Solves minor battery problems, greatly reducing valuable down-time.
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