Starting Fluid

Aerosol Quick Start Fluid

You turn the key or pull the cord on the flywheel of your engine. Instead of hearing the healthy purr of a running engine, you hear a sick, coughing, sputtering sound followed by silence. What you need is Share's STARTING FLUID. Spray this aerosol into the air intake of your gas or diesel engine to generate a quick start in cold or damp weather. Engines will start even when temperatures dip as low as -65°F. Because STARTING FLUID contains lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, it will protect cylinders and not harm an engine's combustion system. With STARTING FLUID, engines don't need to turn over as long to start thus saving on the wear of ignition systems.


  • Aerosol dispenser allows for easy application into air intake.
  • Can be used in 2-cycle and 4-cycle small engines as well as in autos, trucks, boats, etc.
  • Minimizes cranking time.
  • Quicker starts also save on battery life.
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