BLAST AWAY [Brake Parts Cleaner]

To remove difficult deposits from brake assemblies, you need to get a powerful aerosol spray up close to those deposits and just blast away - BLAST AWAY Brake Cleaner from Share. It removes brake fluid, grease and oily contaminants from brake linings and drums quickly and easily. As a non-flammable aerosol spray, BLAST AWAY penetrates even the tightest of spaces, making it the ideal product to clean linings, disc pads, drums, cylinders, springs and clutches. Now you can easily clean and degrease brake parts without having to disassemble the entire brake system. Just put a can in your hand and blast away. BLAST AWAY Brake Cleaner from Share.


  • Removes brake fluid, oil and grease.
  • Makes disassembling brake units unnecessary.
  • Quick-penetrating, non-flammable formulation.
  • Stops squealing disc brakes.
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