Car Wash & Wax Ultra

Car Wash Soap

CAR WASH & WAX ULTRA is an environmentally safe car wash soap formulated with genuine carnauba wax. It does not contain any caustics or phosphates making it biodegradable. It is non-abrasive and safe to use on most exterior surfaces including clear coat and older finishes. Its deep cleaning ability removes dirt, grime, road film, salt spray, bugs, oil and fuel. It rinses freely to prevent streaks, water spots and dulling film build-up. The genuine carnauba wax in CAR WASH & WAX ULTRA will protect and restore that high-gloss finish longer by sealing out dirt and locking in shine.

  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable formula.
  • Phosphate-free and contains no caustics.
  • Uses genuine carnauba wax to seal out dirt and lock in shine.
  • Non-abrasive formula will not scratch surface.
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Designated Green
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