AQUA PURE [Swimming Pool Grease & Slime Digestant]

Share's AQUA PURE will rid your pool of unsightly slime and grease rings caused by lotions and oils used by swimmers. This all natural compound is formulated for removing body oils, suntan lotions, and other organic soils from swimming pool waters. AQUA PURE uses an all natural enzyme producing compound to break down and remove oily waste from pool water, walls, floors and other pool surfaces. AQUA PURE is an environmentally safe, biodegradable product without harsh solvents or corrosive chemicals which may harm your pool or spa.

  • Quickly and effectively rids your pool of grease and slime rings.
  • Designated Green product that is biodegradable, containing no harsh solvents or corrosive chemicals.
  • Uses natural non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest oily waste from pool water, walls and floors.
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Designated Green
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