DYNASTY X-FLUSH [Bioremediation Bacterial Digestant]

Share's DYNASTY X-FLUSH is the perfect bacterial product to use in bio-remediation drains at medical facilities. DYNASTY X-FLSUH is formulated with several advanced strains of bacteria that eat away at organic waste and clogs. DYNASTY X-FLUSH begins to establish thousands of bacteria colonies on pipe walls as it is applied on a regular schedule. These groups of bacteria immediately attack and digest grease, grime, cellulose, starches, proteins, carbohydrates and animal and vegetable fats as soon as waste enters drains. The bacteria in DYNASTY X-FLUSH naturally break down organic waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This natural process of decomposition not only clears out blockages, but also eliminates foul odors. An added blue dye indicates the presence of product in the pipes of automated pumping or dispensing systems. DYNASTY X-FLUSH is safe for use in X-ray, CAT scan and MRI drain systems. A maintenance program with DYNASTY X-FLUSH keeps drains and pipes free from organic waster build-up.


  • Formulated with a liquid suspension facultative bacteria cultures and a blue dye to make product visible in the pipes of automated systems.
  • Developed for Share's BIO-DRAIN PUMP programmable automatic dispensing system.
  • A designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
  • Developed for use in photo processing drain lines.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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