CITRA-SCRUB [Natural Hand Cleaner w/Grit]

CITRA-SCRUB is a powerful, waterless hand cleaner for working hands. This formulation combines d-Limonene and finely ground pumice to clean hands. The d-Limonene cleans the surface of hands while the finely ground pumice works into the skin's pores to remove ground-in dirt. A carefully selected blend of emollients and lanolin work to soften skin preventing painful drying and cracking. Designed to work with or without water, CITRA-SCRUB can handle tough dirt, grease, and oil where there is no sink, making it ideal around workshops, maintenance areas, and outdoor work sites.

  • Formulation contains d-Limonene and finely ground pumice.
  • All natural formulation contains special emollients and lanolin to soften skin.
  • Cleans hands with or without using water.
  • A Designated Green Product and VOC Compliant.
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Designated Green
Skin Care
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