EARTH'S OWN SOY-PRO [Natural Emulsifiable Cleaner & Degreaser]

If you want a solvent that can clean all kinds of surfaces and reduce grease in drains and grease traps safely and effectively, you need EARTHS OWN SOY-PRO from Share. Made with soy methyl ester and other natural ingredients, SOY-PRO effectively cuts through grime, dirt and grease with ease. SOY-PRO is safer than conventional solvents because it does not contain petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. So it won't affect or harm essential decomposing bacteria when used in waste water treatment facilities. It also has a higher flashpoint and lower VOC content, so it's less flammable and less hazardous to use. As it cleans, SOY-PRO replaces foul odors with a mild, green apple scent. SOY-PRO also makes a great all purpose cleaner by simply diluting it with water. Stop throwing money away on multiple cleaners and degreasers that can't get the job done, get the emulsifiable degreaser that can do it all...SOY-PRO from Share.


  • All-natural, 100% biodegradable formulation made from renewable plant resources.
  • Emulsifies with water to make a safe all-purpose cleaner.
  • Use at full strength to remove gum, wax and tar from carpeting.
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Designated Green
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