Mosquito Dunks

Biological Mosquito Control

Share's MOSQUITO DUNKS kill mosquitoes before they even have a chance to bite you. These amazing disks float on water and kill mosquito eggs before the larvae can hatch. MOSQUITO DUNKS are made with a special biopesticide called Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) which consists of a live bacteria that kills mosquito larvae. Best of all, Bti is environmentally safe and will not harm other living animals or plants. To use Share's MOSQUITO DUNKS, simply place a disk in standing water. As the disk soaks, it will begin releasing Bti and quickly eliminate any existing mosquito eggs and larvae. MOSQUITO DUNKS are especially helpful in areas where water collects but can't easily be drained-stagnant ponds, low-lying wet lands, tree holes, unused swimming pools, rain barrels, etc. They provide a safe, effective method to controlling mosquitoes. Fewer mosquitoes means fewer bites. And fewer bites means less chance of dangerous diseases being spread to humans and domestic animals. Share's MOSQUITO DUNKS-the only floating mosquito control.


  • Floating disks control mosquito populations by eliminating mosquito eggs and larvae.
  • Each disk contains special livng bacteria called Bti which kill mosquito larvae but won't harm other living animals or plants.
  • Dunks are easy to use-just drop into standing water and disks release Bti.
  • Ideal for use in stagnant ponds, low-lying wet areas, tree holes, drain barrels, etc.
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