SEE THRU [No Streak Glass Cleaner]

Most glass cleaners will remove filth from surfaces, but then they negate the shine by leaving behind a streaky residue, but not SEE THRU. SEE THRU, the no streak glass cleaner from Share, both cleans and shines glass and other hard surfaces. It has been chemically enhanced so that it won't smear on hard surfaces. Instead, it increases the visibility of glass surfaces so light reflects a crystal-like gleam. The special formula is SEE THRU extends standing time so that it won't prematurely dry before being wiped away. It is equally effective on chrome, porcelain, tile and Formica tops. Share has more of what you're looking for in a glass cleaner - less streaking. The solution is clearly SEE THRU, the no streak glass cleaner from Share.


  • Special blend of active ingredients cleans without leaving a film.
  • Extended drying time allows cleaner to be removed without streaking.
  • Perfect for banks, cafeterias, hotels, schools, hospitals, showrooms, offices, stores, etc.
  • VOC compliant glass cleaner.
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Designated Green
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