AROMA-FOAMA E2 [Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap]

AROMA-FOAMA E2 is a foaming antimicrobial hand and body soap. This liquid soap's germ killing power is provided by the active quaternary ammonium compound used in AROMA-FOAMA E2. The unique combination of this ingredient together with emollients will gently clean and moisturize hands while effectively killing bacteria. Share's AROMA-FOAMA E2 boasts a NSF E2 category code for hand washing and sanitizing products. The E2 certification means this product is great for use in food processing industries, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and any place stringent regulations and health standards are enforced. There is no need to worry about spreading germs or contaminating foodstuff when using Share's AROMA-FOAMA E2 foaming antimicrobial hand and body soap.

  • Foaming antimicrobial hand and body soap.
  • To use as a foaming soap, use Foam Soap Dispense with Refill & Valve (#9142).
  • Can be used as a non-foaming soap in Tank Type Dispenser (#9140) or the Wall Mount Dispenser (#9126).
  • NSF E2 certified as a hand washing product and sanitizer.
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Designated Green
Skin Care
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