Earth's Own Soyable Tar Remover

Natural Emulsifiable Tar Remover

Throw away those hazardous tar removing solvents, a safer solution is here with EARTHS OWN SOYABLE TAR REMOVER from Share. Made with soy methyl ester and other natural ingredients, SOYABLE TAR REMOVER is 100% biodegradable and completely environmentally safe. With a higher flashpoint and lower VOC content than other conventional solvents. SOYABLE TAR REMOVER is less flammable and less hazardous making it one of the safest tar removers on the market. But while the all-natural formulation is safer than other solvents, SOYABLE TAR REMOVER still has the strength to penetrate and soften your worst tar deposits. Even dried tar is loosened and dissolved with a single treatment. So when you have a tough tar removing project, use the solvent that gets the job done the safest way possible with SOYABLE TAR REMOVER from Share.

  • Formulated with renewable plant resources to make it 100% biodegradable.
  • Contains no harmful petroleum distillates or chlorinated hydrocarbons, so it's less flammable and less hazardous.
  • Powerful formulation has low VOC content.
  • Leaves behind a mild, green apple scent.


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