DE-SCALE [Acid Replacement Cleaner]

Harsh acid cleaners are great for tough cleaning jobs, but they're also very hazardous. With DE-SCALE, you now get all the power of an acid without any of the health risks. This amazing cleaner will not cause burns or produce toxic fumes. Yet DE-SCALE is strong enough to quickly and easily remove rust, hard water scale, soap scum, lime, and other heavy soils on contact. This dilutable concentrate is very versatile and can be used on almost any surface including: stainless steel, sinks, showers, tubs, tile, grout, toilets urinals and aluminum. This foaming cleaner readily clings to horizontal and vertical surfaces to ensure maximum cleaning time without any run-off. Plus, DE-SCALE’s 100% biodegradable formula makes it an environmentally safe cleaner.


  • Cleans with the power of an acid; the ideal choice to replace hydrochloric and phosphoric cleaners.
  • Foaming formula clings to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Dilutable concentrate makes formula extremely versatile.
  • A VOC compliant cleaner and a Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
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