GOOD GRAPE [Floating Solvent Degreaser]

Keep sewer lines, lift stations and grease traps free of build up and obnoxious odors with GOOD GRAPE floating solvent degreaser from Share. GOOD GRAPE contains a variety of degreasing agents that attack organic waste quickly and efficiently, while it eliminates odors with a pleasant grape fragrance. The floating formula stays concentrated on top of the water to strip away fat and grease accumulations as water levels naturally rise and fall. Also, built-in emulsifiers in GOOD GRAPE entrap debris and dissolved greases in the solvent to help aid in removal. A built-in, color level indicator allows the operator to determine the product level by visual inspection. When you need a floating solvent degreaser that takes on tough organic waste and leaves a pleasant grape scent, use GOOD GRAPE from Share.


  • Economical with a usage rate of 1/2 gallon per square foot of water surface.
  • Use in sewer lines, lift stations and grease traps. Formulated with a pleasant grape fragrance.
  • Color indicator provides easy visual verification of the proper product level in lift stations.
  • A VOC compliant degreaser and deodorant and a Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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