NoMo Odor [Odor Neutralizer]

NOMO ODOR was developed to control odors caused by the decomposition of organic matter. Anaerobic decomposition of organic matter occurs in the absence of oxygen resulting in an inefficient biochemical process which generates end products like ammonia, methane, volatile organic acids and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). H2S is the main odor causing compound generated by the break down of organic waste. In addition to producing foul odors, H2S reacts with moisture and is converted to sulfuric acid - the main cause of corrosion in concrete and metal structures. Aerobic decomposition of organic waste occurs in the presence of free oxygen. In this state, bacteria have abundant oxygen and nutrients to digest waste resulting in an efficient biochemical process which does not produce waste odor. NOMO ODOR provides oxygen and nutrients to bacteria which speeds the aerobic decomposition of the organic waste, preventing the formation of H2S and foul odors.


  • Reduces foul odors.
  • Encourages growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Helps prevent formation of sulfuric acid.
  • Results in a more pleasant work environment.
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Sewer and Drain
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