Liquid Drain Opener

Alkaline Drain Opener

LIQUID DRAIN OPENER works quickly to dissolve and loosen matter that clogs drains. Since it's heavier than water, it penetrates to the bottom of standing water and goes straight to the source of the clog for fast action on stoppages. This proven blend of concentrated sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide dissolves grease on contact. Unlike acid-based drain openers that have noxious odors and form dense soap masses when they come in contact with grease deposits, LIQUID DRAIN OPENER is odor-free and rinses deposits clean away.


  • Does not produce the heat or fumes associated with acid based drain openers.
  • Suitable for use as a weekly maintenance treatment.
  • Loosens organic waste, grease, fats, oils, lint, hair, and even paper.
  • Safe for all types of plumbing.
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Sewer and Drain
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