DYNASTY B.O.C. [Bacterial Odor Counteractant]

Eliminate intolerable odors associated with organic waste once and for all with Share's DYNASTY B.O.C. Unlike most remediation products that temporarily mask odors with perfumes, forcing you to reapply it over and over again, DYANSTY B.O.C. eradicates foul odors the first time. DYNASTY B.O.C. combines a powerful odor counteractant with our proven line of bacterial cultures, so not only will it eliminate odors but it will attack and digest organic waste build-up even in some of the harshest conditions, like hog and cattle pens and chicken coops where ammonia odors from waste can actually cause permanent damage to the animals. It also will prevent dangerous accumulations of hydrogen sulfite odors in sewer system laterals. DYNASTY B.O.C. was specifically designed to control these before they become hazardous. Since DYNASTY B.O.C. is available as a potent concentrate, it can be used at either full strength or diluted to customize your applications and provide a true economical benefit. Don't wait for odors to become hazardous, eliminate them altogether with DYNASTY B.O.C.


  • Eliminates ammonia odors from hog, chicken or cattle confinements before they become hazardous to the animals.
  • Combines a strong odor counteractant with proven bacterial cultures to remove waste build-up, as well as the odors associated with them.
  • A Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
  • Great for use with portable toilets, septic tanks and sewer laterals.
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Designated Green
Sewer and Drain
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