Acid Replacement Urinal Cleaner

DEFLECT ultra-strength urinal cleaner is a powerful and highly concentrated blend that quickly dissolves tough uric acid salt deposits, mineral and scale buildups, rust deposits in drain lines and urinal systems. It attacks the primary source of odors in urinals. DEFLECT also has a special additive that changes the properties of hard surfaces, making soils easier to remove and providing a protective surface layer against future soils. It has a fresh clean fragrance leaving urinals and drains smelling fresh and clean. DEFLECT is 2 products in 1: it breaks up tough uric acid salt build-ups, mineral scale and rust deposits. The protective coating clings to pipes and urinal fixtures to prevent future buildups.


  • Modifies surfaces so they are more hydrophilic, making tough soils easier to remove.
  • Acid replacement product quickly and safely dissolves tough soils.
  • Leaves urinals and drains smelling fresh and clean.
  • Does not contain any fluoropolymers.
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Sewer and Drain
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