D'LOX JUST GO [Carpet Spotter & Stain Eliminator]

Make stubborn stains and soil spots on carpets and upholstery disappear forever with D'LOX JUST GO from Share. D'LOX JUST GO is an advanced carpet spot and stain eliminator that utilizes the stain-lifting power of hydrogen peroxide. But don't be fooled, D'LOX JUST GO is not just another "oxygen-activated" cleaner. It is specially formulated with a stabilized form of hydrogen peroxide that remains active in a highly alkaline pH environment. This alkaline pH level enhances the cleaning power, allowing it to lift away stains and odors like magic. Unlike other carpet spotters that remove the stain, only to have that area of the carpet look different then the rest of the carpet, D'LOX JUST GO is formulated with special anti-resoiling agents that dry to a tack-free residue which is easily vacuumed away. This prevents dirt and soils from redepositing on recently cleaned areas, and leaves the carpet fibers treated without a detectable difference in feel or appearance. Lift away stains once and for all with D'LOX JUST GO from Share.



  • Uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to lift away stubborn stains like blood, juice, coffee, grease, ink and more from carpet and upholstery.
  • Fortified with special surfactants and anti-resoiling agents to remove the stain for good, without leaving behind a detectable difference in feel or appearance.
  • A VOC compliant carpet and upholstery cleaner, and a Designated Green Product means it is safe for the environment.
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Carpet Care
Designated Green
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