PEAPODS II [Bacterial Urinal Deodorizer]

Maintaining the cleanliness of a bathroom is a constant battle. Share is pleased to offer their PEAPODS II bacterial urinal deodorizer to help in the fight against bathroom odors. The screens use bacteria to eliminate odors. As the screen is exposed to liquids, it will shrink, conforming to the shape of the urinal drain trapping potentially troublesome debris. This revolutionary design reduces splashback while optimizing fragrance release. Each PEAPODS II fragrance is gradually released over a 30-day period and is 10x more fragrant than ordinary vinyl urinal screens. The screens are available in many pleasant fragrances. Win the battle against odors with Share's PEAPODS II bacterial urinal deodorizer.


  • VOC Compliant. No ozone depleting ingredients.
  • Gradual fragrance release ensures 24 hour odor control for 30 days.
  • Translucent design allows full view of drain.
  • Available in a wide variety of fragrances.
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Designated Green
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