Caustic Granular Drain Opener

Do you have clogged drains and pipes? A little DR-OP granular drain opener will do ya'. In fact, it's so powerful you'll just need a drop. DR-OP granular drain opener is an acronym Share derived from drain opener. And open drains it does. Pour a mere ounce down the drain and chase it with one cup of cold water. Once water makes contact with DR-OP granular drain opener, a chemical reaction is generated that causes the water to rapidly heat. This heating action, combined with DR-OP's other potent ingredients, begins to dislodge a variety of drain barriers including hair, soap, animal and vegetable fats, grease, organic waste and even paper. DR-OP granular drain opener is safe enough to use on sewer, drain and plumbing pipes on a regularly scheduled basis. Before you drop a bunch of money down to have a plumber fix your pipes, try Share's DR-OP granular drain opener.


  • Essential ingredient, sodium hydroxide, key to initiating exothermic reaction with water.
  • Optimal for use in municipal, industrial and institutional settings.
  • Causes no toxic or flammable gases.
  • Contains no acids.
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Sewer and Drain
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