Carpet Deodorant

Powdered Carpet Freshener

If your floors are carpeted, it's no walk in the park trying to keep them odor free. You put up with a whole series of odors -- last Friday's baked fish, cigarette and stogy smoke, Spot's mishaps. Now you can overpower these odors with CARPET DEODORANT from Share. No need to haul out clumsy carpet scrubbers or mess with foaming aerosol detergents just to eliminate odors. CARPET DEODORANT comes in an easy to use powder that you simply sprinkle onto your rug. Let it sit for a few minutes, then vacuum. Your carpet and room will be left smelling clean, fresh and odor free. CARPET DEODORANT is effective on all types of carpeting and even works on upholstery. So when your carpet could use a little relief from offensive smells, get a deodorant that can overpower them. Get CARPET DEODORANT from Share.



  • Reduces static electricity on carpeting and upholstery.
  • Potenet fragrance requires minimal application.
  • Formulated with special moisture absorbing and odor neutralizing ingredients.
  • Excellent for use in nurseries, schools, resorts, restaurants, vehicles, etc.
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Carpet Care
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