Lo-Foam Steam Extractor Concentrate

Carpet Shampoo

Cleaning your carpet is as easy as one, two, three. Simply use Share's LO-FOAM STEAM EXTRACTOR CONCENTRATE. A special blend of surfactants, detergents and suspending agents make stains and dirt disappear from carpeting. Formulated with a brightening agent, LO-FOAM STEAM EXTRACTOR CONCENTRATE will not bleed or dull the color in your carpet. These cleaning and color enhancing agents keep your carpet clean for longer periods thus extending the time interval between washings. LO-FOAM STEAM EXTRACTOR CONCENTRATE was developed specifically for use with automatic steam extraction machines. An added rust inhibiting chemical keeps LO-FOAM STEAM EXTRACTOR CONCENTRATE from corroding internal mechanisms or parts within cleaners. When you want a carpet detergent that can clean dirt and stains fast and easy, get LO-FOAM STEAM EXTRACTOR CONCENTRATE from Share.



  • Made with a non-foaming, free-rinsing formula.
  • Works well on all synthetics, wools, and blends.
  • For use in all types of steam extraction equipment.
  • Efficient, economical dilution rate of 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water.
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Carpet Care
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