Truck & Trailer Wash

Concentrated Truck & Trailer Detergent

After a long cross-country haul, chances are your rig could use a good cleaning. TRUCK & TRAILER WASH incorporates a combination of liquid concentrate cleaners designed to strip filth from start to finish. Wetting, penetrating and water softening agents create a thick lather that gets under grime to deposit its fast-acting cleaning agents. Made up of alkalies, detergents and emulsifiers, these ingredients attack dirt, soot, diesel exhaust and road film without harming your truck's waxed finish. And, the rinse aids found in Share's TRUCK & TRAILER WASH ensure the easy removal of soap without causing streaking.


  • Made of biodegradable detergents.
  • Emulsifies dirt.
  • Restores luster to your vehicles.
  • Safe to use on buses.
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