CAR GUARD [Dust Repelling Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Wipes]

If you want your vehicle to retain top value, you need to keep it looking in top shape with Share's CAR GUARD, Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Towels. CAR GUARD towels are pre-moistened with a special cleaning solution that's dust repelling and specifically designed to restore and protect almost every surface of your vehicle. Just pull a towel from the handy canister and wipe down a variety of surfaces including tires, bumpers, dashboards, side moldings, door and window seals - any vinyl, plastic or rubber surface you find on your vehicle. Not only do CAR GUARD towels effectively remove dirt, grime and dust, but they also restore your surfaces' original shine. Best of all, this distinct cleaning formula also protects materials from drying, cracking, fading, dulling and deteriorating. CAR GUARD also includes ingredients that neutralize static electricity to aid in complete dust and dirt removal. Use Share's CAR GUARD to restore and protect all of your vinyl, plastic, or rubber surfaces.


  • Towels clean, restore and protect vehicle surfaces to avoid dulling, cracking and deterioration.
  • Special ingredients neutralize static electricity to effectively remove dust, dirt and road grime from surfaces.
  • Use towels on any vinyl, plastic, or rubber surface - tires, bumpers, dashboards, side moldings, door and window seals, etc.
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