Creme Cleanser

Mild Abrasive Creme Cleaner

If you need a unique cleanser that removes tough stains and deposits without the damaging effects of harsh abrasives, pick up some CREME CLEANSER from Share. CREME CLEANSER removes stubborn deposits gently - without scratching delicate finishes such as porcelain, fiberglass and Formica. It's strong enough to remove grease, grime, scuff marks, water spots and soap scum from any surface while it simultaneously eliminates odor. Plus, CREME CLEANSER is versatile enough to use in the bathroom, in the kitchen, shower doors, on countertops and anywhere else you need a safe, effective cleanser. CREME CLEANSER is easy to use, contains a pleasant mint fragrance, rinses freely and leaves no film or residue.


  • Cleansers remove tough soil and leave a pleasant mint fragrance.
  • Thick, mildly abrasive multi-surface cleaner.
  • To clean and deodorize plastic, porcelain, chrome, stainless steel and other delicate surfaces, apply a small amount directly to a wet cloth, sponge or brush.
  • Rinses freely and leaves no film or residue.
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