Degreaser & Engine Cleaner

Emulsifiable Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser

When working on automobiles, you have to make sure you repair what's wrong without creating more damage elsewhere on the car. One of the most common causes of incidental damage during repairs comes from harsh cleaners you use to remove grime. Use the solvent that only removes grease and grime safely -- Share's DEGREASER & ENGINE CLEANER. Developed with a particular combination of potent solvents and emulsifiers, it is strong enough to penetrate, lift and remove your worst grease deposits within a few short minutes. DEGREASER & ENGINE CLEANER holds grease and oil in suspension until they are easily flushed away with water. Even after being rinsed away, it leaves a protective coating on parts that will resist flash rusting, corrosion and excessive grease accumulations. Share's DEGREASER &ENGINE CLEANER -- a grease stripper and protectant in one.


  • Economical and versatile formula allows for use on a variety of hard surfaces.
  • Ideal for parts washers.
  • Available in an aerosol formula - Share's DEGREASER.
  • Special emulsifiers hold grease and dirt in suspension for quick water wash off.
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