Oven Cleaner

Gelled Oven & Grill Cleaner Aerosol

OVEN CLEANER from Share Corporation works hard to rid ovens of crusty, burned food residue. It doesn't matter where you find carbonized food deposits because OVEN CLEANER's thick foaming formula clings anywhere, including vertical surfaces. This aerosol cleaner is easy to use. Just give OVEN CLEANER a spray and within a few short minutes baked on grease and food debris begin to break up. Without having to use scrub brushes or scouring pads, filth is quickly dissolved and freed from oven walls and coils. Simply wipe up waste and residue with a damp sponge. Use OVEN CLEANER all around the kitchen - you can safely apply it to porcelain, chrome, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces.


  • Convenient aerosol dispenser makes application easy and fast, even in tight spaces and corners of deep ovens.
  • Use to clean grills, broilers, rotisseries, stove burners, frying pans, deep fryers and other cooking accessories.
  • For best results, preheat ovens or equipment to approximately 200 degrees.
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