Vandal Mark Remover

Gelled Vandal Mark Cleaner

When graffiti or other damaging marks deface your buildings or other property visible to the public, get VANDAL MARK REMOVER from Share. This amazing solvent takes off just about any annoying streak or mark from most surfaces. Made with a superior blend of penetrating and lifting agents, VANDAL MARK REMOVER strips away difficult marks whether they are made of spray paint, marker or pen. It is also safe to use on nearly all hard surfaces. This gives you the versatility to clean ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, marble, stone, brick and a variety of other surfaces. Best of all, the easy-to-use gelling aerosol formula sticks to vertical surfaces to give the lifting agents time to penetrate marred surfaces. Plus, VANDAL MARK REMOVER will emulsify after use, so surfaces can be rinsed with a pressure washer to remove any remaining solvent residue. Now you can write off graffiti and other streaking marks with the incredible VANDAL MARK REMOVER from Share.


  • Removes marks made from crayons, lipstick, printing ink, adhesives, road tar, and scuff marks left by shoes.
  • Convenient aerosol gel applies remover only where needed.
  • Can be safely used on walls, sidewalks, reflective road signs, washroom walls, Formica walls, Formica counters, desk tops, buses, mirrors, lockers, and vinyl.
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